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The Isle of Man’s Mobile Windsurf , WingSurf, WingFoil,WindFoil and StandUp Paddleboard Instructor

About Us

One of the most exhilarating things to do on the Isle of Man, other than riding the TT Course – Windsurf!

We provide a mobile centre of excellence for WindSurf, WingSurf, WingFoil, WindFoil and StandUpPaddleboard instruction and coaching at various beaches and bays around the Isle of Man, including Derbyhaven, Castletown, Gansey, Port Erin, Port St Mary and Ramsey, all subject to the tide, wind strength and direction on the day.

Products and Services

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’re here to help.

  • Private 1 on 1 (2.5 hour) Windsurf/WingSurf taster session £100.
  • Deal – 4 private 1 on 1 WindSurf & WingSurf lessons £350.
  • 2 people – £160 for a lesson = £80 each.
  • 4 x 2.5 hour sessions for 2 people at £300 per person.


  • Private WingFoil 1 on 1 (2 hours) – £150 per session.
  • Add £100 per extra person, to a maximum of 4 people sharing 2 kit set ups.
  • Our lessons all commence with on-land tuition and simulation.
  • Wetsuits will be available for hire at £20 per session. However, there’s nothing quite like having your own. We can advise on acquiring wetsuits.

Beginner Level

Lesson 1 – Secure Position, Static Turn, Sailing Position
Lesson 2 – Steering, Tacking
Lesson 3 – Sailing Upwind, Improved Tacking
Lesson 4 – Sailing Downwind, Gybing

Intermediate Level

Workshops to focus on the following: Beachstarts, Waterstarts, Getting Planing, Getting in the Harness, Getting in the Footstraps, Fast Tack, Carve Gybe

WingSurf & WingFoiling

NEW FOR 2022

We are very excited to bring you the opportunity to learn WingSurfing progressing to WingFoiling.

Photo credit – Sam Ross Coaching, EasyRiders, Poole, UK

We’ll start you off in our WINGTRO program, where you will become familiar with flying the Wing on land before moving onto the water.

Photo credit – Sam Ross Coaching, EasyRiders, Poole, UK

You can the progress to our WING- GO program, where we will introduce you to the Foil, and set you up on our WinFoil beginner with the aim to experience your first flights.

Once you have got the bug for WingFoiling we can assist you in acquiring the right gear to become a WING-PRO where we will still be on hand to provide you with coaching and also add you to the community of Manx WingFoilers.


If you are an experienced windsurfer, comfortably planing in the footstraps and would like to have a go at the latest in the sport, Windfoling, then this is your opportunity. We are qualified and equipped to get you experiencing your first flights. We require advanced notice to ensure we have everything in place to deliver the session.

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