“Such a patient windsurf instructor”

“Incredibly patient, Dave carefully talked me through the motions every time as I became more and more determined that I could do this.

Windsurfing Isle of Man
Lynsey Elliott – Seaside Cottages

A small rest, then I decided this was going to be it, I was staying up no matter how many tries it was going to take me. It worked, it had finally clicked, I was windsurfing!

It was now time to practice a turn, although I knew this wasn’t looking elegant, but Dave’s prior beach instructions worked.  

One last go, I was up! I was travelling towards the beautiful headland and the lighthouse. I attempted a turn, avoided falling in, and returned at a slow pace …. I had managed it and I couldn’t have been happier.

Now I know to quit when I’m ahead, and Dave had timed this lesson beautifully, with enough time both for instruction and having fun.

Straight away I was thinking about my next lesson, and running through my mind who in my friends and family would also love to have a go.

Testimonial extracted from Lynsey Elliots Blog – Seaside Cottages – Click on link below to see the full blog on Seaside Cottages website.


“My Dad entered the Bacardi World Cup when it was held on the Island in the early 1980’s.”

Windsurfing Isle of Man
John – Island Escapes & Jamie – Island Cottage Care

I’ve been excited about this basic windsurfing tutorial for a while now and am itching to go. I’ll admit I’m feeling pretty confident. It’s in my blood after all, this windsurfing lark! My Dad entered the Bacardi World Cup when it was held on the Island in the early 1980’s. (More on that to come!)

Dave runs through the basics and terminology. He has clear respect for the act, the equipment and the elements.

Feeling thankful for the lack of wind, thanks to some excellent instruction from Dave, Jamie and I start to get into the swing of things. We avoid the swimmers, paddleboarders and sailing dinghies, cruising along, carried by a blissful breeze. It was euphoric, tranquil and exhilarating in equal measure. It was now clear that the light breeze was all we needed to have a lot of fun, and the time spent on the beach had prepared us for the challenge of being on the water!

We retired to the Bay Hotel, exhausted and buzzing from the experience. A pint of Bushys and a La Gusto Pizza waiting for us. The three of us sat on the wall, basking in the wonder of a Port Erin sunset. Dave summed up aptly “Living the dream boys!”

John from Island Escapes

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Windsurfing Isle of Man
Thompson Family on Windsurf Holiday to IOM 🇮🇲

Thank you for looking after them Dave…. I hear that it was tougher than they thought 🙊… but they all loved it! I get the impression Niamh was the best out of the three of them 😉🤣🤣

Deirdre Thompson – Facebook

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