New Equipment

Exclusive to our Isle of Man customers we are delighted to be able to offer the O’Shea Windsurf equipment to ensure you are set for success on the water.  

We have chosen O’Shea due to the quality of the products, ease of transportation and set up, and fun experience they offer.


O’Shea iWIND + SUP (inflatable ) 110 HDx £799.95

Length -11’0, Width 34.5”

New Rigs

WIND RIGS ( inc mast cup + uphaul)

GROM 1.0 – £279.95

GROM 1.5 – £289.95

GROM 2.0 – £299.95

GROM 2.5 – £309.95

GROM 3.0 – £319.95

WIND 3.5 – £349.95

WIND 4.5 – £369.95

WIND 5.5 – £389.95

TEAM RIGS ( inc mast cup + uphaul)

TEAM RIG 2.5 – £469.95

TEAM RIG 3.5 – £489.95

TEAM RIG 4.5 – £499.95

Used Equipment

For those on a tighter budget, we have some used equipment available for sale on a “sold as seen” basis.   Send me an e-mail to arrange a viewing.

Used Boards

Starboard Carve 155 – Length 275, Width 74cm, Volume 155 – £450. This is a great intermediate board.

F2 Sputnik 285 World Cup Edition£150 – I need to get this out for a session to be able to comment on who it would be suitable for.

F2 Axxis 272 – Width 55 cm, Volume 95L (Yellow) – £250 A great fast board. Must be able to waterstart

F2 Thommen 275 – Width 53cm, Volume 100L (White) – £250– A great fast board. Must be able to waterstart

BIC Veloce 328 Free Ride£450 – Dagger Board (Incl Board Bag – Zip works) – A great fast board. Good for an intermediate looking for an adrenaline rush. At 185L and 68cm width, it is good for uphauling.

BIC Vivace 290 – £350 – No Dagger Board (incl Board Bag – zip broken) – A great fast board. Waterstart skills beneficial, due to buoyancy of board only 110KG.

Used Sails, Booms, Masts and Rigs

We have a number of used sails looking for a new home, preferably sold as part of a rig.

A full list of Sails, Booms etc will follow shortly.  We only have a couple of spare masts and would prefer to sell them as part of a full rig.  

Feel free to e-mail me if you are in need of something, and I will check our Aladdin’s cave. 

We will only sell the equipment if we feel it is appropriate for you, as we want to see you having fun on the water.

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